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Wedding Cake Tasting

We would be delighted to schedule an In-Person Cake Tasting and Consultation with you!

Please note that all tastings and consultations are by appointment only and take place in our cake studio. Our tastings feature five slices of our most popular cake flavors along with five filling flavors for you to pair with your cake. Each cake slice, a 1” x 2” x 4” rectangle, simulates the portion size your guests will enjoy, comprising three cake layers filled and coated with vanilla buttercream. The fillings, a variety of flavored buttercreams and mousses, are presented separately, allowing you to explore different flavor combinations to suit your taste.

A $40 deposit is required for tastings, which will be applied to the final cost of your wedding cake should you select us for your special day. In-Person Tastings and Consultations are typically available on Sundays and Mondays; we strive to accommodate other days and times based on our weekly availability. For those unable to attend an in-person consultation, To-Go Tasting Boxes are available for pickup by appointment. Please be aware that In-Person Cake Tastings are designed for two attendees. An additional charge of $20 applies for each extra guest, with a maximum of two additional guests allowed.

To arrange your In-Person Tasting or To-Go Box, kindly fill out our Cake Tasting Inquiry Form with your preferred date and time.




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